Monday, December 12, 2005

blue monday part II

(it only took me like 200 shots to get this one. The bathtub can be a really cold place.)

I've had the damn flu....


And it's like...people.

...easier to borrow money than receive sympathy.

Bottom line is: I'm gettin this shit like every 8 weeks. So now the comments wander into the "what-the-hell's-up-with-your-immune-system" realm.

And, of course, I roll my eyes and take another drag off my clove.


Why is it when someone is like raging with a fever and body aches (only falling off a moving truck can imitate) do people come out of the damn woodwork and pelt you with dumbass comments---and questions?

In the Bible...this dude, Job, dealt with losers like this...but damn...that was like 15 zillion years ago...and we are in an advanced intellect society...right?

Uh huh.


Flu #2 this season.

8 weeks to be healthy.

Christmas almost here...and I have no idea if I'm gettin the Christmas bonus this year.

You may recall from my ranting of yesteryear: I did tell my boss to "count me out," for next year.

(That's presently: now.)

Do I regret the comment? Not at fucking all.

I say what I mean. And, if I come to discover I was wrong...I come out with the apologies.

Having a "clean slate," means more to me than appearing cool.

I meant what I said...and I'm ready to accept the repercussions. Bring it on, life.

The Yankees remain in my sites...watchin Cash and his lack of wheelin-and-dealin is supreme in my book. Let the Mets and Toronto collect all the mediocre free agents... I firmly believe Bubba Crosby can handle Center...and I also think Boras is standing on the 7 year thing...only to turn around (in due time) with a "okay-how-about-4-years" offer which he thinks Cash will jump at. No offense, Damon....but: no thanks...your bullshit comments about NEVER playing for the Yankees should be something you should stand behind.

Unless...appearing cool means more to you than apologizing and having a "clean slate."

(I'm a bitch.)

Soooooooooooo glad to be rid of Kevin Brown...and Embree...and Gordon can just go pout and scream about wanting to be "the only closer," with some other team. DUDE. We have Rivera: the Jesus-Christ-of-Closers. And you ain't him. Be gone.

Although I greatly admire many players beyond the Yankee clubhouse...I'm really optimistic about the next few years for this team under Cashman's control.

(And Randy Johnson...I once emoted all over my blog for having acquired your shit. You best stop fucking around and pitch when you are told!) Let dumbshits like Schilling go down in still have a one in a zillion skill...don't fuck it up with the mound-antics. K? Thanks. whole body is beginning to cramp up. So I best get back into bed.

I know I didn't really say much...but...bear with me...this is as lucid as it gets today.

Ohandbytheway...I've discovered Tetris. (yeah: Tetris.) But, I'm tellin you: I TOTALLY ROCK WITH A FEVER!!! My record is now: 256.

(Bragging about one's Tetris record isn't very interesting . Odd looks and raised eyebrows are all you get for your badassness in December 2005.)

Ah well, Jimmy crack corn and I don't give a fuck.

See you next time...