Wednesday, May 30, 2012


if you’ve been a fan of sports long enough, you know that feeling you sometimes get just before an important series. that reality that churns in your gut...reaching all the way down to the center of your being. it almost seems like can manifest itself as anxiety, other times, it feels like peace. it’s almost a tingly kind of feeling that permeates your brain and brings with it moments of confusion and resolution, as well as confidence and panic. and...because the first game hasn't even been played yet, you’re not entirely sure what to make of it, as you wait.

skip ahead, the final moment of said important series comes and goes and, instantly you find yourself saying to yourself “i saw that coming! i knew it, all along.” welp, i have that feeling right now. i don't know how, or when, what, who, or why...but i know. the Stanley Cup will be won by the New Jersey Devils. believe what you want. hope and cheer, wish and bargain with God...the Cup is theirs. and that's that. i could be wrong, but, my life experiences have taught me to never discount or resign that gut feeling. and that's all i gots to says about thats.

*UPDATE...yeah.  they didn't win.  there's alot i could say about 5-minute major penalties in elimination games and drop some names like Jarret Stoll and Gionta...Bernier and Scuderi.  but i won't.  an evil little team from the Los Angeles area was handed the Cup and the Devils have struggled ever since.  nonetheless, i still recall much joy from this post-season.  until Game 6 that is.  life goes on...and gut feelings can sometimes be misleading.  either way...GOD BLESS HOCKEY.  :)